The Fraser Centre Community Trust was formed in 2011 to rebuild the Winton Cinema into a state of the art centre for learning, development, arts & entertainment in the heart of the Tranent Community.

The centre will cost an estimated £2-2.5 million to achieve.


The Fraser Centre Community Trust was formed in 2011 and is a registered Scottish Charity (SCO43597).

The charity is led by a trust consisting of:

  • Chair: Jonny Russell
  • Secretary: Hannah Biddulph
  • Treasurer: Gillian Russell
  • Trustee: Isabel McNeish
  • Trustee: Graeme Curran

A part time Development Manager, David Orr, was appointed in September 2013 to help the project. The trusts events & activities are run by a team of around 30 volunteers.

Our design team is led by NORR, appointed in 2014.

Community Enterprise are assisting the project with business planning, community research and fundraising support.


The Fraser Centre is based in the heart of Tranent at 3a Winton Place, Tranent, East Lothian, EH33 1AF.


We have conducted independent research and been a part of collaborative research surveys in the area all of which have emphasized the need for community facilities in Tranent.

  • Tranent is the only main town in East Lothian without a community centre, despite a population of 12, 582 (Fa’side Ward profile).
  • Tranent has three areas in East Lothian’s top 8 areas for deprivation, including the location of The Fraser Centre (2014).
  • Several surveys have highlighted developing The Fraser Centre and improving community facilities as key priorities for the town.
  • The need for a community hub which will reduce exclusion, provide opportunity and act as a place to bring people together and form community spirit has been clearly identified through surveys (FCCT Investing in Ideas Surveys 2013; TECAP 2014; Community Enterprise/FCCT 2015; Town Centre Charrette 2015)


After extensive surveys the decision has been made to rebuild rather than refurbish due to the condition of the building and trying to achieve what we need within the existing walls.

We aim to build a centre for learning, development, arts & entertainment.

The facility aims to have a modern cinema and performance area; a café; business suites for hire; and a variety of community use rooms.


The construction shall depend upon how quickly we reach our funding target! However we would hope to begin in Spring 2018 with opening due in Summer 2019.

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